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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miri Hanai Debut, [Urecco]


OK so my palm hit my face so hard it almost exited the back of my head when I realized that I have neglected for months to even acknowledge Miri Hanai's existance as a Gravure Idol. What the fuck was I thinking, Miri is easily on par with Yoko, Aki, and Yuri in popularity. Why I never uploaded any pictures of Miri before now is a mystery to me and I fail. Well thats about to change more to come with my new sets upcoming soon.

GWP is moving along...slowly...very slowly its been at a standstill for almost a month but ill try and start working on it again.


Arisa Oda, Aug 06

I figure its only appropriate that since my first set of Megumi was also with Arisa Oda I would also upload another Arisa set. Great stuff by Arisa but when isnt it?


Megumi Kagurazaka, Cat Woman

Finally a new Megumi Kaguarazaka set. Really good stuff from one of the best Gravure Idols. She was married recently within the last year and there were rumors that because of this she has retired from the Gravure business I call BS but hey I don't keep up with Gravure news as much as I should. Also new Batman should have Catwoman played by Megumi she has no lines and every scene she is in is a sexy dance. Also she doesn't seduce Batman she seduces me.

Instant blockbuster.


Since doing a little research I have found out that she has in fact left the Gravure modelling business. "I'm quitting Gravure Idol." Published by Goma Books (2006/12/13) is the book she wrote about quitting the industry and all the things she did. So its been two years without Megumi which seems like a long time because shes still pretty popular its too bad though Gravure loses one of its greats.



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