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Friday, September 26, 2008

Yoko Matsugane Body Scandal Vol1&2

I don't usually post wide screen previews just because well they are wide, too wide for the blog but for this set ill make an exception. I mean for god sake the set is called Body Scandal so i think it warrants a little special treatment. 102 photos in this jaw dropping set but i mean just take a look at the previews i don't need to tell you.


Tan & Green

I didn't really know what to call this set because i don't know exactly when it was released but its fairly new so i looked to her bikinis for...erm...inspiration. My inspiration aside this contains 31 photos.


Yoko Matsugane Jan '06

Another older set but this one is legendary especially the sample on the right I see it everywhere. What else can I say its just good all around. 41 photos.


Yoko August & May '06

New Yoko Matsugane set from way back in '06. Both sets are great. Anybody who says old things can't be great is a moron. 63 photos total.


New Sayuki

Another new Sayuki set and this one is pretty varying and pretty damn good. I'm a fan of the maid bikini she could clean me up any day of the damn week. 82 Photos total.


Sayuki Graphyweb

A new set by Sayuki from Graphyweb. 37 photos in this shoot.


Sabra Photoshoot

These are a set of Photos from Yuri's DVD Sabra and they are good ones at that. I also included some autographed photos that usually come as bonus on or with the DVD. 25 Photos to this set.


Yuri Morishita March & April '08

Two new sets from Yuri. These are from March and April of 08 so they are both fairly new. I combined them into one simple file as there was not a lot of photos from either. 32 Photos total.


I was missing two photos from the shoot this has been corrected and a new link provided.

Alright here is the first post of the blog its a Yoko Matsugane Bikini photo shoot. The file contains 21 high resolution pictures from this shoot for your enjoyment. Please if you have any comments or would like to see other content throw a shout out in the box over to your right.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yuri Debut

Yuri Morishita what can I say other than this woman is gorgeous, but I'm sure you can see that for yourself. Shes going to be getting as much attention as Yoko on this blog so expect in the near future to see something of around 1110 photos of her and no that's not a typo I said 1100 more photos not including this set.

Aya Debut

This is a set of Aya Mizusawa, a little bit less know than the bigger names like Yoko on the blog but shes beautiful none the less. File contains 33 photos of Aya


Ayaka Debut

I don't really know much about Ayaka Ichinose but I plan to after picking up this set it starts out on the left and ends on the right and everything in between. Set contains 35 photos of Ayaka.


Rio Debut

Rio makes her busty debut on the blog in this set of 26 photos. More to come.


Sayuki Debut

Japans very own race queen makes her debut on the blog with this set. Sayuki has never looked better. The set contains 42 pictures of Sayuki in all her glory.


Wet Shirts

Just kidding. There are no wet shirts here, but there sure is a wet Mizuki in a one peice. This is a smaller set just using what i had left over from my archives. Only 23 files to this one but again they are well worth just taking a look at.


New Yoko Shoot

New set on the blog by Yoko its a compilation of three locations but all from the same set. The file contains 88 photos comprising the set.


Mizuki Debut

Mizuki Horii is another one of my favorite Gravure idols and for good reason just look at her. This is her debut set on the blog and a good one too so I hope you enjoy. As always as high a quality as i can get them.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Four new sets

Yoko Four New Shoots

This is a compilation of a few shoots thrown together into one package. It contains 126 files from what i believe is four different shoots. Again all as high quality as possible.


Two new sets

Two New Yoko Shoots

Another photo shoot set. This time Yoko in the shower getting all wet and Yoko as quite the sexy teacher. The set contains 34 Files comprised of both photo shoots.


Three new sets

Yoko Matsugane Three Sets

Third set to be posted here again each with a preview picture. This archive contains a total 52 High Resolution Photos from these three shoots


Yoko Matsugane - Tenmei 2007

Yoko Matsugane - Tenmei 2007
This file contains three sets for a total of 72 files in this beautiful photo shoot.
One sample picture from each is posted above.



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