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Monday, October 13, 2008

Risa Shimamoto

Another one of the big names in Gravure makes her debut on the blog, Risa Shimamoto. Now this girl isn't like Yoko she looks like shes straight out of highschool and is just cute as hell. Thats what makes her awesome though i can't help but love that little mole on her nose. Anyway 83 Photos to start off


Arisa Oda Debut

Arisa Oda's debut on the blog. What can I say about Arisa other than hot damn. I mean just wow shes toned, she has a nice bust size, and those lips. Delicious. Enough of my oogling you want to oogle too right? 24 Photos for this set just to start it off.


Hitomi Aizawa Debut

Hitomi Aizawa's debut on the blog and its quite a happy go lucky set. I love this set especially for the first sample picture which has reached legend status around most of the internet as far as hot Asians go. Anyway more to come from Hitomi as she is still pretty popular. 74 Photos total.



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