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Friday, October 10, 2008

New Aki Hoshino

Another Aki Hoshino set(s) I wasn't done with just the first for tonight. This set is pretty varied and also pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of Aki Hoshino and hell even I like it but you can't say no to that face am I right? 87 Photos total more to come when I remove some watermarks.


Aki Hoshino Debut

You voted so here shes is Aki Hoshino in all her glory. What a set to start off with as well these photos are such high quality (some are even 2500X1600 resolution) I had to split the file into two parts just to get it to upload. 56 Photos in total and samples are reduced to 70% of their normal size.

Part 2


Bikini Recollection

*Backwards Update*

Just reposting the Bikini Collection Set with the two others that I put in the Back in Black Redux set removed. Links to the new sets are provided in both post and the original sets are removed. Im just doing this to make it easier for you so you wont have to sift through all your files just to put new pictures in a folder.


Back in Black Redux


Yeah, yeah i know i just fixed the link to this set and then the next day i freaking delete the post. Man I must look like an ass but I do it for a good cause. I found out again that i'm getting only half the set half the time so ill remedy this by reposting the full set. I also found that the other two sets from Bikini Collection was also missing some photos so I included them in this one along with another set.



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