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Saturday, October 4, 2008

You know what i fucking hate? Watermarks. I fucking hate them, I mean you have a perfectly good picture of Yoko Matsugane or any gravure model yet these fuckers whoever they are it doesn't really matter have the fucking audacity to put a goddamn watermark on the picture. Im all for taking credit for something you made, hell I know I would want to get credit for something I made but seriously you didn't take the fucking picture dont put a watermark on it its that fucking simple. Thats like me hosting theses files and slapping a huge ZYRELL watermark on it. I wouldn't want it on my photos and im sure you dont want it either. So to remedy what these fuckers started i have gone through this whole set of 104 photos and removed every single watermark. They dont deserve any credit for being a host so they get none from me. This is the only place on the entire internet that I know of that will have these without the watermarks. Yeah I know their watermark isn't that big but its distracting and i can't help but hate anybody who uses them or doesn't use a ghosted watermark. Either don't do it or use a ghosted watermark you assholes. That is all enjoy the set.



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