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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nozomi Takeuchi Debut

Two words. DAT ASS!. That ass indeed well here is a new idol to the blog that just happens to be new by accident. Originally i was posting this set and thinking to myself man i need more Nozomi on the blog and when i went to put the Nozomi tag in nothing came up. I proceeded to "wtf" and then realized i had like 6 sets and not one of them was posted, Shame on me. Anyway heres the debut of Nozomi Takeuchi another one of japans fine gravure idols. Most of her shoots are a little more risque than most but hey i wont complain one bit.


Risa Shimamoto Adult

Thursday update time children. Starting out with a new Risa Shimamoto set entitled Adult. The title puzzles me a bit because despite it being called Adult Risa still looks like a girl out of high school, but hey that's what her charm is all about that totally innocent schoolgirl vibe. Anyway awesome set.



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