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Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Aki Hoshino [DGC]

Getting a little more creative with my collages here. Anyway this is a great set by DGC i can't complain and i have to say when i started this blog i was indifferent about Aki Hoshino but now i really do love her one of my favorite idols now.


Nozomi Takeuchi, Chased into Corner

Well since her debut on the blog last week due to me neglecting to use my eyeballs to see if she was there here is a new set by her. The name of the set is Chased into Corner. Why? I dont know makes little sense to me either but hey at least its more Nozomi.


Sayuki Matsumoto Two sets

Alright well im starting to clear out most of my galleries now of the oldest stuff and making room for the new stuff coming in. there were two sets here of Sayuki that were pretty small so i just combined them.



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