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Monday, March 9, 2009

Yoko Matsugane, Zoom in H

Here is a young Yoko in this awesome sets. They are also some pretty damn high quality photos too.


Sayuki Matsumoto, Sabra X Topqueen

Here is a Sabra Party Girls and a Topqueen set of Sayuki. The Top queen set was from before she was a Gravure model and instead was a Race Queen but frankly I don't much care because Race Queens are still hot.

Soari Yamamoto, TTW Two sets

Two sets by TTW of Soari that I stuck together.


Risa Shimamoto, Richa Smile

Awesome set by Risa always good stuff.


Nozomi Takeuchi, Webshin & 2 TTW sets

Had a couple of smaller sets of Nozomi that I decided to just put into one big set.


Miri Hanai, Tenmei Sets

I had looked for the complete versions of both these sets forever and now that I've finally found them I'll share them with you.


Miri Hanai, Windows

Awesome set by Miri that has a rooftop thats shot so that it seems to stretch on forever, uggh my brain hurts.


Miri Hanai, Meet The Girl

I would love to meet this girl but alas this photo set will have to do


Megumi Kagurazaka, Amrita



Harumi Nemoto, Yellow

Another set from Harumi from way back in 2002, Good stuff. Why its called Yellow though escapes me though.


Harumi Nemoto, Double Chains

To kick off adding another awesome Gravure Idol to the blog here is another awesome set of Harumi and her sister. Yeah, Harumi also has a hot model sister. Awesome. Be warned though this has probably six of the the funniest Gravure pictures I have ever seen in my life. Had me almost in tears by how badly I was laughing


Harumi Nemoto, Shock [Blog Debut]

Here's somebody new Harumi Nemoto. She has been in the Gravure Industry for a long time and is one of the greats up with Megumi, Aki, Miri, Yoko and Yuri. Damn good stuff all around more on the way.


Aki Hoshino, Darn Tarn

Aki Hoshino, Celebration

Nice new little set from Aki Hoshino commemorating her 30th birthday. That's right Aki Hoshino is 31 now and still looks like shes 20. Here's to another 30 Aki.



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